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facebook has replaced this blog

April 6th, 2012 by William · No Comments


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July 10th, 2010 by William · No Comments

hopefully this will mean less spam

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priests’ sexual abuse of children

March 21st, 2010 by William · No Comments

If you consider the size of the Catholic church and the number of clergy and calculate the amount of clergy per abuse,  I wonder if it would not be similar to other denominations. Maybe other denominations are just better at hiding these things?

I do not agree to the Catholic churches (un-biblical) celibacy  policies, maybe it attracts perverts that feel they need to enter into a career of celibacy to suppress their perversions.

Abuse is wrong but it does not represent the church, storm in a teacup at any rate.

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new ubuntu theme

March 20th, 2010 by William · 1 Comment

Well there is quite a storm brewing as far as the new ubuntu theme. Ubuntu theme poll

The main point of controversy is the placement of the minimize, maximize and close buttons on the left.

I cannot believe this is even an issue, if you do not like it change it, the same goes for the new aubergine colours.

Maybe there is reason behind why they want to do this, maybe it is better once you get used to it, I sure am going to give it a go.

I voted to have them placed on the left just because everybody is so damn childish.

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October 2nd, 2009 by Donette · No Comments

I have started up a homeschool blog called The Journey.

Our Homeschool Journey will be based on Isaiah 54:13 says “All your children shall be taught by the LORD,
and great shall be the peace of your children.”

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holiday fun

September 17th, 2009 by Donette · Comments Off on holiday fun

We returned at the end of last week from a holiday that certainly did us ALL a world of good.
I think Elijah was possibly bored but Daddy and Mommy enjoyed watching loads of discovery channel. We are the only family that go on holiday to watch tv. But we needed it.

After being sick for sooo long we all needed to just do nothing and enjoy time with each other.

On leaving the Monday, the trip went quite well and Jessica was quite comfortable most of the way. Mommy started to feel ill on the way and was so thankful for my mother-in-law like never before.

But Tuesday was much better and although we didnt go on any hikes, going around trying to find chickens to feed and letting Elijah play on the jungle gym in the heat. But all enjoyable.

The wednesday was starting to get cold and wet and the boma was supposed to be very nice but the electricity cut off and we kind of got smoked out for a while. Some guy hooked up a little generator and the fan started working again and it got more comfortable.

Thursday was lazy and sooo comfortable.
Friday was our big breakfast and off to home we go.
All in all we felt so good and rested. A pity it wasn’t longer.

Thanks again to the Bennies for the holiday, we really appreciated it.

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7 weeks Sweetheart

August 25th, 2009 by Donette · No Comments

Our little pumpkin pie is 7 weeks old today. After a bit of colic and 2 sessions at the Chiropractor (special baby one) things are looking better. Jessica is sleeping better and much more settled that 2 weeks ago.

Elijah is his energetic self. Very busy and very demanding sometimes. His computer skills are beginning to amaze me. He is growing up so quickly.
At the moment he has sinusitis which he has so helpfully passed along to Mommy. He needs a haircut which I will attempt to do on Friday.
At the doctor he decided to share some of himself and threw up almost on the doctor. It landed on the floor. The Doctor didn’t seem to mind and was his charming self all the way through the rest of the appointment.
Elijah is still 1m tall and weighs 15.6kg.

Jessica weighed 4.7kg at her 6week checkup and was 55cm tall…growing strong.

Breastfeeding is still going well and we even managed to get a head start on the expressing. We have 150ml frozen for an emergency.

Everything else is going well except all these illnesses coming and going which just plain irritates life. William is still off the meds with a few symptoms but He is pressing through for healing.

God bless

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Welcome Jessica Anne Bell

August 6th, 2009 by Donette · No Comments

OK, so it is a bit late. 4 weeks to be precise.

Jessica was born on the 7/7/2009 at 7.39am weighing 3.2kg and at a length of 49.5cm. Everything went well with the birth and a apgar score of 9/10 and then 10/10.


At her 4 week check up at the clinic she weighed 4.2kg and a length of 53cm. Our little lady is certainly growing.

Elijah is very interested in holding his sister, as well as trying to get her to look at him and the things he wants to show her.Things are much more organized and easier than the first time around. It has been such a blessing.

Jessica at first had days and nights mixed up but things are much better now, and day sleeps are also better. I decided not to use the drug to help with breastmilk and rather try to continue naturally. It has worked and I feel great. I drink 2L of Jungle Juice a day and it is very refreshing. Elijah loves the juice too.

Will try to keep updated more often

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July 10th, 2009 by William · No Comments

Hello all our fans.

From now on you will have to be logged in to comment.
We have had to change it this was as we are tired of the floods of spam.

If you want to post a comment please register. Registration will require approval and may take a few days.


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Could I be more in Love with my Son!

May 22nd, 2009 by Donette · 1 Comment

Yesterday we had such a wonderful day together. We had a late sleep (he slept till 9 – just woke up for breakfast and went to sleep again)
we did “school” work – fun stuff, he played by himself adn he found a hat that looks like a Warrior helmet) he decided he was Shrek and I was a PRINCESS! Oh the joys!
So we played shrek and princess and dragons most of the afternoon…He has a shrek jacket so it looks really cute.

Hubby got home late but Put Elijah to sleep on his mattress next to the bed…Elijah kept saying he must get up because it is Mommy’s turn…Mommy was pretending to sleep so E eventually decided Daddy was good enough…
I went to bed for good and woke at 1.45am and E was still in his bed, I woke at 5 (Yet another toilet break) and he was still in his bed…At 5.30, he climbed in and slept till 7.30am….yawned and said “good morning mommy” My heart filled with Love
But a minute later was demanding breakfast. I only smiled – he is so predictable some times.

This morning we cuddled and he was playing with his trains and he is playing with his cars…

Homeschooling and the stuff from the OT is adding such wonderful times for us – (we do activities, more structured stuff than ever before) and it is realy creating times that are more meaningful. My heart puffs up all the time when he “gets” something or manages to do something BECAUSE we are working on it. What could be more rewarding!
I love my Child and thank God I will have a daughter to share these good times with to! Thank you for your blessings Lord!

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